Curious, frustrated and broke, four young people seek to see life afresh by retreating to a deserted country house. Left feeling lonely and damaged by conventional life, each of them are searching for a way to throw off the sadness and doubt and open themselves up to the world.

Strange rules and rituals help to loosen their sexual and emotional inhibitions as, fighting cynicism and ghosts from the past, they slowly move towards a deeply unconventional joy.

HIDE & SEEK has screened in competition at over 25 film festivals since premiering at the Edinburgh Film Festival in 2014 where it won the Michael Powell Award.

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Hannah Arterton
Daniel Metz
Rea Mole
Josh O’Connor

Director: Joanna Coates
Writers: Joanna Coates & Daniel Metz
Producer: Daniel Metz
Editor : Maya Maffioli

HD // 80 mins