This promo was produced in July 2012 to show off the versatility of 16mm film and to try and encourage filmmakers to consider shooting their projects on film.

Despite the prevailing belief in the industry that ‘film is dead’ there has never really been a better time to shoot on it.

The Complete16 package allows filmmakers to buy a roll of stock and get the telecine and transfer for one price – a little bit like shooting on Super8 back in the day.

This film was shot on 7 rolls of 16mm Fuji Motion Picture film (the different stock types are named in the film) using the Complete16 deal.

We wanted to create something that, rather than being really technical, shows the fun involved in making films and proves that all you really need is a great idea and a limitless imagination.



Man : Cerith Flinn
Woman : Amy Strange

Director : Ben Hecking
Producers : Sean O’Riordan, Gianpiero Vannucci
Assistant Producer : Ben Hillyar
Cinematography : Andrew Alderslade
Production Designer : Laura Tarrant-Brown
Art Director : Thalia Ecclestone
Costume Designer : Kara Colbeck
Hair & Makeup Artist : Katie King

Editor : James Taylor
Composer : Graham Hadfield
Sound Design : Jens Petersen
Colourist : Doychin Margoevski

16mm // 3 mins 30